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In Pursuit of Truth

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Top Defence Lawyer in Singapore – Upholding Criminal Justice

Kalidass Law Corporation, Singapore is a boutique law practice which specialises in criminal law and related regulatory matters. Kalidass is a highly experienced and qualified defence lawyer who is able to work on the entire range of criminal cases in Singapore. Our specialist expertise in the legal arena allows us to cater to our clients’ needs best with impeccable professionalism and intelligence, providing unwavering support throughout the duration of the case. Read more about our past cases here.

We are a Dedicated Law Firm in Singapore Specialising in Criminal Defence and Criminal Law

Kalidass Law Corporation provides affordable, quality legal services with integrity, professionalism, compassion and respect for our clients. Throughout your journey, you can count on us to navigate the process with you every step of the way, with top-level guidance from our defence attorneys through each stage. Our team in Singapore comprises dedicated and specialist defence lawyers who have brought a wealth of experience and knowledge from past law firms and have established themselves to be adept and qualified in tackling the toughest criminal cases.

We are highly experienced criminal defence lawyers with a proven track record of providing thorough consultation and representation with effective results in Singapore. Our detail-oriented approach promises clear advice, with problem-solving methodologies to keep you informed throughout the duration of your case. Being part of the pool of defence law firms in Singapore, we work towards building and uplifting integrity and professionalism in all areas of our work.

We ensure that we deliver affordable yet exceptional service to all clients in Singapore. Our lawyers have worked on a wide range of criminal cases. These include quasi-criminal matters in the area of family and labour to commercial and corporate law. We join dedicated defence law firms in Singapore that work tirelessly to help fight for justice and pursue the truth.

We burn the candle at both ends to provide excellent legal services coupled with the best support to every individual we represent. Our criminal defence attorneys appreciate that at the very epicentre of every criminal proceeding in Singapore is an individual enduring a period of great emotional and personal turmoil. In any case, we get to the root of the issue in the pursuit of truth. These are values we hold near and dear to our practice and uphold with every client we come into contact with.

Find out more about our defence lawyers and their criminal litigation experience in Singapore:

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Based on 86 reviews.
July 3, 2022.
我非常荣幸找到kalidass Law corporation. 这是一个非常专业的律师事务所。 在我问询的案件里, 律师Mr. Low清晰地,耐心,详细帮助我分析了案情,给出了最专业的意见。 律师Mr. Low是我见过的最专业,最耐心,最善良的好律师。Kalidass Law Corporation 是一个非常专业的法律事务所,并且非常友善,尽职尽责。Kalidass Law Corporation 是最值得信赖的法律事务所。
Alicia Teo
Alicia Teo
March 22, 2022.
It has been a privilege to have been able to intern at Mr Kalidass’s law firm. I am truly grateful for all the guidance, support and insight he and his team has provided me over the course of my internship. Throughout my time at the firm, I have seen how caring and thoughtful he and his staff are in their dealings and interactions with clients, as well as how meticulous, proactive and initiative they are in following up and liaising with clients. Would recommend this law firm to any person of interest.
Dube Tan
Dube Tan
February 10, 2022.
Very good service got the best possible outcome from the case and mr dass was very supportive
K Hemaranjane
K Hemaranjane
December 21, 2021.
I am very grateful for the help I always receive from the Mr Kalidas and his team. Definitely great customer service and professionalism. Thank you so much for everything Sir. Wishing you and your team my best wishes. :)
Mohammed Rafi
Mohammed Rafi
November 19, 2021.
I am truly grateful for the guidance and assistance rendered by Mr Kalidass, Mr Chua and the rest of team. Their service provided was professional, meticulous, super detail and most importantly consistent from the very first day till the conclusion of my case. Having the firm represent me, gave me a sense of protection while going through the case. Thank you.
Alvin Yang
Alvin Yang
November 15, 2021.
Lawyers with a heart for their clients. It has been an honour knowing Mr. Kalidass and his team. Highly recommended!
Boshun Wang
Boshun Wang
November 12, 2021.
新加坡最好的律师行之一。我们很荣幸得到该律师行的服务。 Kalidass 先生精通新加坡的法律,实战经验丰富。他极具责任心与爱心。在花费很多时间了解我们的案子后,他能一针见血指出我们案子的核心,既准确又快速。并据此找出有效的解决方法,帮助我们守护新加坡法律所赋予的权利。他的团队合作很好,我们得益非浅。非常感谢 Kalidass 先生及团队。以后如有需要,还会求助于贵律师行。
Wang Wenda
Wang Wenda
November 12, 2021.
Kalidass is smart, witty and very flexible. He accommodates and fight for your rights to the best he can, although, he have a habit of underpromising and over-delivering. I have the privilege of engaging him regarding a criminal case, and he delivered the best possible results.


Whether it is in the area of family, labour, industrial, commercial and corporate law, our team firms up the best case for you in Singapore. We provide free initial consultations as well. This allows us an opportunity to better understand your needs, thus enabling us to provide thoroughly bespoke legal solutions. We consider all variables at play for the most holistic solution possible, which you’ll experience for yourself when you come to our firm.

Please contact us at (65) 6345 5001 to schedule a meeting with Mr Kalidass Murugaiyan. For urgent matters arising after office hours, please contact us at (65) 9191 0111.

Alternatively, you may send us an e-mail at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having a criminal defence lawyer better ensures that you are not falsely accused with charges in court. Being charged with a criminal offence can be scary, but with legal representation and top defence attorneys in Singapore assisting you, you can receive qualified advice and correct information. You can trust our experienced lawyers to provide you with the best legal aid and achieve your desired outcome.

Here are some of the benefits of having a criminal defence lawyer:

  1. Increase your chances of winning

Hiring a criminal defence attorney will cost you some money, but compared to the benefits they bring, it is definitely worth the spending. Having a capable and experienced criminal defence lawyer will enable you to identify weak points in your case early on as you develop your strategy. This will help you avoid making snap judgments and squandering opportunities that you may come to regret.

  1. It helps to save time and prevent unnecessary stress

Legal cases and processes will be discussed during your consultations. You will also require a solid understanding of various laws and penal codes in Singapore in order to navigate the criminal justice system.

However, if you hire a knowledgeable criminal defence attorney to handle and manage your case from start to finish, you can significantly reduce your stress, save time, and avoid disruption to your personal and professional life.

  1. Support in interrogation

Knowing your rights, the direction and main points of your explanation, and what you can refuse to respond to and keep your slience are important when you're likely to be detained for police interrogation and statement-taking session.

You may better prepare and present the desired facts and set the right impression to the investigators by enlisting the assistance of a criminal defence attorney early on. This will also help you know in advance how to anticipate queries and prep for the areas of examination.

When considering the price of hiring a reliable criminal lawyer in Singapore, many factors exist because every criminal case is different. We believe that everyone deserves access to legal representation, regardless of their financial situation. We understand how frightening it is to be accused of a crime, so call us for a friendly consultation, and we will do everything we can to help.

In Singapore, there is a statutory right to not self-incriminate, which comes from Section 22 of the Criminal Procedure Code (Chapter 68). However, the right to remain silent does not work in a way you might think. This matter is nuanced and depends on your case’s situation. Hence, it is crucial to have criminal lawyers present at interrogations to advise you.

The police will permit you to consult a criminal defence lawyer within a reasonable period or after conducting thorough investigations on your case. This time may vary depending on the case’s complexity and may increase if they prove that speaking with your lawyer may hinder the investigation process. If you have further questions or require legal representation, contact us, and we will assist you to the best ability.



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